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Tech Tip of the Week

  • Thanksgiving "Tech" Tips
    Written by

    Hey everyone, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

    Now that Thanksgiving break has arrived, let's focus on things we can do to recharge for the upcoming holiday push. It's also a great time to think about ways to reinvent ourselves and rekindle our enthusiasm for education. Today's article includes ideas from which you can pick and choose. Don't try to do everything you see here. Choose any activities that speak to you personally and avoid those that don't spark something in your soul.

    First, consider on which areas you want to focus. Choose an area or two of self-care that you think will benefit you most. Don't overdo this, however. That will only lead to more frustration and stress, and that is exactly what we are trying to avoid here.

    8 Dimensions of Self-Care

    • Emotional
    • Spiritual
    • Intellectual
    • Physical
    • Environmental (sunshine, fresh air)
    • Occupational
    • Social
    • Financial

    Decide what actions in those areas will benefit you most.

    Activities to do today

    These ideas come from Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers site. Do these things TODAY as you leave school.

    1) Change your clothing when you get home to signal a transition

    2) Schedule a commitment right after school that forces you to disconnect from the stress of work.

    3) Use your commute to process your day, escape your problems, or get in a positive headspace for the evening.

    4) Have a short mindfulness ritual for yourself as soon as you get home.

    5) Choose an activity that helps you release pent-up frustration and have fun.

    6) Dismiss unwanted thoughts about school and practice being present.


    Music Lovers

    Create a Thanksgiving Decompression Playlist including all your favorite tunes from your preferred music service. Take time to listen to it each day in order to clear your mind of holiday stresses and/or impending doom.


    Occupy Your Young Guests

    Here's a fun and easy-to-make game that can get the small fry out from underfoot during your Thanksgiving festivities.

    Candy Corn Ring Toss

    All you need is some spray paint and mini emergency cones for a festive fall version of horseshoes. Divide the whole group into teams or set them up in the driveway or backyard to keep the kids entertained while the grown-ups cook and visit.


    Move Outside of Yourself.

    Create something! Engage the non-teaching side of your brain and stretch your creative talents.

    Perform a kindness for someone else with no expectation of recognition or gratitude.



    Think about how you can disconnect from technology for a set period of time each day to increase your focus on the human side of your relationships.


    After Thanksgiving Day has passed, try these ideas.

    Create a gratitude journal and write 5 things for which you are grateful each day.


    1. Do your homework early. Don’t leave any school work you may have until the Sunday before you return to the classroom Monday.

    2. Stop talking about school. Focus on other topics.

    3. Meditate.

    4. Go out to your favorite restaurant.

    5. Have a spa day. You can even do this at home.

    Black Friday Tips

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  • October 26, 2021 - Remind Notification Settings
    Written by

    Remind Notification Settings

    Remind is a great tool for communication, but is only as effective as the communication tool you use with it. Setting up your notification settings can improve how you use and interact with the tool. You can fine-tune how you'd like to receive notifications and eliminate redundancy. Once you have logged in Remind navigate to your account settings by clicking on your name in the upper left corner.


    Then select Notification preferences.

    remind notification settings

    Here you will see a list of your devices. You may see an email address, phone number, and then devices with the app installed. You can turn on or off the notifications.

    Remind notifications

    The trash can allows you to remove devices. The chain link is represented for information that was synced from our system. You can add another device, email, or number by clicking on Add device at the bottom. If you see that an email or number has not been verified or confirmed follow the steps by resending the confirmation email or entering the 4 digit verification code.

    Receive Calls in Remind

    You can receive calls through the remind system without giving your phone number out. For large groups, as a Principal may use, it may not be beneficial to have this setting turned on. You may find it useful, or overwhelming. By default, the setting is set to on. 

    remind call preferences

    You can also determine if you'd like to receive replies to your messages. This is set here and not for each list. 

    remind allow reply

    As a part of this option, you may want to adjust your office hours to avoid late-night notifications, messages, and calls. Set a time range and days of the week.

    remind office hours

    By going through these settings and making Remind work the way you do, you can make the tool more efficient and effective to meet your communication needs.



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