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We hope that you were able to use the information that we shared last week.  Our goal with this email is to share some information that we feel is particularly important at this time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your EdTech coach in your building with any questions.

Semester Transition Part 2 

Edit Assignment Dates

Migrating content from one course to another (or semester) can bring in assignments that need some dates changed or shifted. Editing dates for multiple assignments can be time consuming because opening each assignment to make the due date changes is a slow process. Thankfully, Canvas has a quick solution for adjusting dates for multiple assignments.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating how to use the Edit Assignment Dates feature on the Assignments page. You can batch edit or just shift the dates as needed. If you’d like more information you can read Canvas’ nifty write up on using the tool as well.

Google Workspace (GSuite) Templates

Using the Google Suite with students is a great way to give them a creative and fun way to express themselves and demonstrate their knowledge. Finding a template that is built and ready to go makes it even easier. Here are a few great sites to find free templates for teachers.

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Google's new remote teaching resource hub, Teach from Home, has a ton of resources and information about supporting student learning during these interesting times: Check it out!

Linked pic of the Teach from Home logo

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Here's a great tool with information about basic Chromebook usage and troubleshooting: the Chromebook Simulator. Click anywhere on the image below to get started!

Screenshot showing the linked Chromebook simulator site, click to proceed

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