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Canvas is one of Weber School District's Learning Management Systems (LMS), and is used widely by faculty and students. Faculty who choose to use the platform can access Canvas by visiting wsd.instructure.com, using their district login and clicking the "Teacher Login" button. If you teach courses for Weber School District, your courses have already been automagically created for you and ready for you to fill with content!

Canvas allows you, as the instructor, to:

  • Conduct online, asynchronous discussions with your students;
  • Collect assignments, provide feedback, and post grades;
  • Post links; upload documents, videos, audio files, and more;
  • Post deadlines and reminders through the calendar and announcements;
  • Manage group work assignments;
  • Integrate video conferencing with individual students, a whole class, or guest speakers;
  • Communicate easily with the whole class, specific groups, or individual students.

While every course uses different features and tools, below are some of the most common ways students interact with Canvas:

  • Use modules to navigate course content;
  • Stay informed through announcements and notifications: Students can choose how to receive course notifications (email, text) and how often they would like to be informed.
  • Access the course disclosure/syllabus and course schedule: The course schedule (at the bottom of the syllabus page) will be updated dynamically throughout the course.
  • Stay up-to-date with the Canvas calendar: The Canvas calendar automatically shows the due dates for assignments and other activities across all of your courses.
  • Submit assignments and quizzes: All assignments and quizzes included in Canvas can (and should!) include clearly stated due-dates and instructions for submitting work.
  • Engage in discussions: Students can post to discussion boards in your courses to engage in relevant conversations with classmates.
  • Use groups for collaboration: Students can access course groups to collaborate on projects, engage in group discussions, and share files.  



All Weber School District faculty, students, and parents can log into Canvas using their WSD-issued email and password.

Logging into your account:

  1. Go to wsd.instructure.com.
  2. Enter your WSD (.wsd.net or .wsdstudent.net) email and password
  3. Click on either the "Teacher Login" or "Student Login" buttons, or the"Login" button (for parents)

You can also access Canvas from your mobile devices via the Canvas app:

Don't forget to check out our self-paced Canvas course, offered in Canvas, of course!


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(While it may seem a little like including the instructions for a DVD player on a DVD, in practice, it's not. I promise!)


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Click here to self-enroll in Canvas Essentials for WSD Teachers. 

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