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The Modules tool is the key to organizing content in Canvas, allowing you to organize your materials and activities to help control the flow of your course. Think of modules like instructional units -- they are often used to help students locate all of the learning activities associated with a particular lecture, week, themes, or unit of a class, and can be used to provide a recommended or required sequence in navigating those learning activities. 


Picture showing two modules in Canvas, including assignment requirements and prerequisites


Why Use Modules? 

Modules allow you to:

  • Organize course content into sections that can be completed in order.
  • Quickly create new information pages, assignments, discussions, quizzes, and other resources with a couple clicks.
  • Quickly add previously created content into modules.
  • Easily import/export content by module from other courses or Canvas Commons.
  • Rearrange content and materials with simple drag and drop interface.
  • Control the pace of student progress by scheduling publishing dates in advance.


Creating Modules

First, click on the "Modules" section of your sidebar (left) menu in your Canvas course.


Picture of Canvas sidebar menu with Modules item selected


Then click on the "Add Module" button.


Picture of the Add Module button in Canvas


Adding Content to a Module 

You can add either new or already existing content (assignments, quizzes -- basically anything in Canvas) to a module. Any individual module can hold up to 100 items (although if you have ~100 items in an instructional unit, you might be my 9th-grade geometry teacher).

Anyway, click the "Add" (plus) button to add an item to a module.


Picture of the Add Item button in Canvas

Then click the Add drop-down menu and choose the type of content you'd like to add:


Picture of the Add Item menu in Canvas showing options to add new content to a module


Indenting Module Items


Picture of drop-down menu in Canvas showing different indentation levels in a module item


You can keep your modules organized and easier to read by indenting items as you add them, or you can click on the "three dots" button on the far right of an existing item:


Picture of drop-down menu for Canvas module item showing indentation options on context menu


Don't forget to publish!

As always in Canvas, items must be published in order for students to be able to see and act upon them. 


Picture of the Publish Item button in a module in Canvas


When it's ready for prime time, don't forget to publish the module! Publishing the module allows students to see and act upon all the published items contained in the module:


Picture of the Publish Module button in Canvas


That covers the basics of Canvas modules, but there's a lot more you can do with them! For more about modules, check out the links below:


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