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The Canvas Quiz tool allows instructors to create and administrate quizzes and surveys online using multiple question types, which can be either graded or ungraded. A graded quiz is automatically scored (for most question types) and added to the Gradebook. This is a powerful tool that can save teachers a lot of time. Some of the coolest options include:

To create a quiz, click the Quizzes link in the course navigation menu. Then click Create a New Quiz in the upper right-hand corner of the Quizzes page.


Picture of a published Canvas quiz, including option fields and instructions for the student taking the quiz


Enter a title and description, and then add questions by clicking on New Question.

To build a question, you will need:

  1. question title
  2. question points (quiz totals are calculated based on combined total of questions)
  3. question prompt text (use the Rich Content Editor to include video, images, math equations, or flash activities)
  4. text for each answer (if applicable)
  5. text for the feedback bubbles under each answer and/or at the end of the question (if applicable and desired)

For questions with exact answers, the correct answer will be designated by a green bubble.

Click Update Question to save the question to the quiz.

Once you have finished adding questions, Preview the quiz to see what the student will see when taking the quiz. Click Publish Quiz to make the work available to students (either immediately or at a specified later date/time).


Image of an example quiz question based on a photograph, including historical context for the photo
Want to know more? Here are some great guides from Instructure:


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