February 9, 2021

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For this month we’ll be focusing on Nearpod. All teachers have full Nearpod licenses with tons of additional content available through their library. Nearpod is like the Swiss Army tool of EdTech. So many elements of teaching can be accomplished with Nearpod, yet it is familiar and simple to use. 

Nearpod Library 

Using the Nearpod Library

There are so many lessons, videos, and activities available in the Nearpod library that you can easily add and customize in your own library. Start by searching out a topic in the Nearpod library and use the filters on the left to fine tune your search by subject and grade level. Here’s a quick video on how to find and add videos to “My Library.” Once you have something in your library you can edit and adjust the lesson as you’d like. Take a look at all the different interactive lessons, videos, and activities. Chances are you will find a few to use this week.

Add a Nearpod Lesson to Canvas


You can add a video or lesson to your Canvas course. Start by creating an assignment as you normally would. Add an assignment title, instructions, points, and due dates. In the Submission Type field select External Tool. Click on Find. Look for Nearpod in the list. 


Find the lesson you’d like and choose Student-Paced. (You can use Live Participation if you have the students go through it with you.)  Then hit Save.  You will see a URL in the link box. If you’d like the activity to load a new tab select the box. (This is highly recommended for Nearpod Lessons.)

A student will go into the assignment and their Name information will be loaded from Canvas. This video shows you the process and what it looks like to grade the activity.

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