February 16, 2021 - Nearpod Video Activity

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For this month we’ll be focusing on Nearpod. All teachers have full Nearpod licenses with tons of additional content available through their library. Nearpod is like the Swiss Army tool of EdTech. So many elements of teaching can be accomplished with Nearpod, yet it is familiar and simple to use. 

Nearpod Video Activity 

Add Interactivity to Any Video

Tools that can add an assessment or allow for reflection in a video clip have been around the EdTech world for a while. Think EdPuzzle, or TedEd, or the countless other tools that help make a video more like a lesson. Nearpod has the capabilities to do just that. Use Nearpod to create a video activity and add it to an existing lesson or use it as a stand-alone activity for students. Here’s a quick video on how to set up and add interactivity to a video. 

Using Nearpod with YouTube videos has a couple of added benefits. The trim tool helps to eliminate unnecessary and distracting content (smash that like button) to otherwise excellent videos on YouTube.  Another added bonus is eliminating the need for students to visit YouTube or get lost in the many suggested videos and distracting ads. Nearpod with YouTube creates a much more focused activity for all students and provides feedback on understanding within the video itself. Try creating a video for your students today.


Using Video as an Activity

Video is a powerful tool for sharing concepts, ideas, and information with students. Creating a video using your WeVideo account or the Adobe tools is a great skill to have! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a screencast using WeVideo. Crowdsourcing to find existing  videos on YouTube is another great way to discover information.  Advance search using filters can help to really find the best videos. 

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