February 23, 2021 - Nearpod Time to Climb

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We’d like to finish up our  Nearpod-themed month with a challenge! What we really want to see is you using Nearpod in the classroom. Tweet an image showing you using Nearpod in the classroom (careful with student info) and use this #WeberDTL to share it. 

Nearpod Game-Based Learning 

Time to Climb Learning Activity

Time to Climb is a highly interactive gamified activity, like Kahoot or Quizizz,  within Nearpod and complies with Student Data Privacy Laws (unlike those other two.) Students race to the top of the mountain against the clock by answering multiple choice questions. Time to Climb activities are great for bell ringers, learning checks, exit tickets and more. Plus, because it’s built within the Nearpod platform, it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your lesson. 

To get started, you can find a collection of skill-based practice Time to Climb lessons. All you have to do is download the lesson and launch it with your students. These lessons are quick activities to challenge your students in a fun, competitive,  and engaging way while strengthening understanding of ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies topics across grade levels. Here’s a quick intro video on how to get started.


Convert your Nearpod Quizzes

You can convert your existing quizzes into Time to Climb activities. Simply click to edit your lesson, select the quiz you’d like to convert, click “Convert to Time to Climb” at the top right-hand corner, and you’re all set! 

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