March 30, 2021 - Adobe Spark Templates

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“If we believe in student learning, we must consider the variety of ways in which students are encouraged to participate.”  -Barrie Bennett and Peter Smilanich

Spark makes it easy to foster powerful creative learning experiences. Improves project-based learning and outcomes. Studies have shown the value of creativity in the classroom, the hiring process, and the workforce — and 82% of professionals wish they'd had more exposure to creative thinking as students.

What can I design with Adobe Spark?


  • Social media graphics

  • Photo journals or Essays

  • Slideshow video

  • Graphics

  • Promotional Videos

  • Book Cover Creation

  • Memes

  • Posters

  • Comic Strips

  • Journaling

  • Response to Assignments

Motivation in the Classroom using Adobe Spark!


Create a Spark Video story with a single picture per page, use big bold clear pictures (ideally isolated on a white or clear background to avoid distractions). Have the student go through page by page recording themselves naming the picture or object. They could be describing what they see, explaining something they learned, giving a video response to writing.  The list is endless.  


Creating copies of blank or starter stories. You can do this by going to the Projects tab, tapping the project … symbol, and then selecting Duplicate or use a template already made for you.  



I don’t have time to create from scratch!  That’s OK,  Use the Library.  


Use the Adobe Spark Public Library to help you find already created images to make work easier.  



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