April 27, 2021 - Canvas SpeedGrader Tips

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Grading in Canvas is simple, and a great way to simplify one aspect of our jobs as educators! This week I’d like to share some quick tips and tricks when it comes to utilizing speedgrader, especially when it comes to leaving feedback.  Let’s do it! 


Sorting Students

One way to speed up the grading process is to organize the order in which students appear in the speedgrader.  To do this, you’ll select the settings option in speedgrader, and open the options tab.  There, you can have speedgrader sort students by those who have submissions that need grading, no submissions, and already graded.  This makes flipping through submissions quick and easy! Once you have this set up, speedgrader will organize students this way from now on.  

Issuing Feedback 

For me, one of the hardest parts about soft closure last spring (and my school has had several this year as well!) was being able to give helpful feedback to students.  This took a lot of time and energy, and often there seemed to be miscommunication.  NOT ANYMORE! Speedgrader offers a myriad of options for issuing feedback, and I utilize all of them.  


Option 1: Attaching a file
This is helpful if a student needs to be reminded about specific instructions, rubrics, etc.  By clicking on the paperclip icon, you can attach any file.

Option 2: Video feedback

This is my most used feedback tool! This tool allows you to record audio and visual information to send to your students.  For example, a math teacher could demonstrate how to do a problem correctly! This tool allows me to explain what my students need to know or correct, but allows them to see my face! No more fear of the red pen.  This makes the feedback more friendly and eliminates possible misunderstandings. So many options here, and all you need is a webcam (our Chromebooks have those)!

Option 3: Voice Recording

By clicking on the speaker icon, you can record yourself explaining the feedback.  This works like the video recording, minus the visual component.  I find that speaking the feedback, rather than typing it out, is quicker and more efficient.  This would also be a great way to help give feedback to students who may struggle with reading comprehension!

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