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Back in February our last tech tip focused on Nearpod’s Time to Climb as an alternative to Kahoot or Quizizz.  Along with Time to Climb there are two other options we would like to share that are on the approved list and are sure to provide you and your students with hours of exciting game based learning.  Also, their names are just as cool and unique as Kahoot.  These two game-based learning platforms are Gimkit and Blooket.  

Game Modes

Using Gimkit and Blooket

If you have used Kahoot before, then Gimkit and Blooket will be fairly easy to navigate.  You can sign up for both using your Google login.  Both of them have a discover quiz feature to find ready-made quizzes and once you are ready to play a code will be given to the class for them to join.  The major difference might be that Gimkit and Blooket have a variety of game modes that you can try.  With Gimkit there are modes such as Trust No One where students actually get to play a game similar to Among Us as a class.  You as the teacher get to set the number of imposters and adjust other settings before the game starts.  Blooket offers a couple such as Tower Defense and Battle Royale mode where students compete against each other with the quiz you have selected.  There are too many modes to explain here, so go and try some in your classroom to see which ones your students like best.  Like Kahoot, you can always start a match and join with a second device yourself to test it out beforehand.  Another difference between Kahoot and these game learning platforms is that students earn points and can use their points as they compete to do things like freeze another player’s screen for 30 seconds or purchase other items to help them win. Take a look at these quick start videos for Gimkit and Blooket.

Differences Between Gimkit and Blooket

Blooket has more of a Time to Climb feel as can be seen in the image above.  Students choose an animal to represent them before they play.  The biggest difference is probably seen in the versions that are offered.  Gimkit’s Pro version is free for the first 14 days as a trial.  After my 14-day trial expired I was offered another 14-day trial because I hadn’t decided to upgrade yet.  That’s 28 days that will practically get you to the end of the school year.  Without the upgraded version only 5 people can join.  Blooket on the other hand is free to use for now.  The upgraded version will give you reports and other features, but this isn’t necessary to allow your whole class to play.  Blooket also allows importing from Quizlet during quiz creation.  Enough explaining, go and start Gimkitting, or Blooketing, or whatever you call playing these game-based learning platforms in your classroom.

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