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“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status…” This quote is from Sir Ken Robinson, a leading proponent of creativity in the classroom. It’s important to empower students to move from content consumers to content creators. This can be done by allowing students to tell the story of their learning and share their knowledge. Adobe Spark is an approved and simple-to-use (and teach) creation tool that empowers students of all ages to create. 

Let them Create!

Skills for Today and Tomorrow

Presentation programs like Google Slides, Keynote,  and Powerpoint are excellent tools for students to build content. However, they are not meant to be stand-alone presentations. Instead, they are meant to augment a speaker's presentation with visual content.  However, students make an all-too-common mistake of placing too much text on every screen. 

Last week’s Tech Tip was on how to convert a presentation to a video and add a video recording using Spark Video. For building a direct presentation complete with images, video, and text that a user can peruse, check out Spark Page. A Spark Page is a website. Its advantage over other tools like Google Sites and Microsoft Sway is its attention to design. It is less business and more fun to create something that gives options to design what looks good as well as contain the relevant information. Check out this quick video on using Adobe Spark Page to see it in action. Take a look at this example.


Its single weakness is that you cannot share them out publicly. Adobe doesn’t have a method to keep the links within our domain (like Google Tools). So to share it via a link a student must first invite their teacher.

Once invited the user can then use the copy link option below to share it with those they have invited. Your students will love building content and sharing their learning with you through this amazing tool.

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