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May the 4th be with you, 2021


“A next-level student experience Nearpod VR is!” - Yoda 

(Disclaimer: this was not actually endorsed by the real Yoda from the stars wars saga.)


Nearpod VR

A long, long time ago in a district filled with innovation, there was one tool that quickly rose to power. 

Nearpod became a one-stop shop for student learning and teacher efficacy. Students are now able to explore the world around them without leaving the classroom. Nearpod VR gives teachers the ability to create virtual field trips at no cost to them. 


HOW to use:

  1. Log in to nearpod.com with your WSD.net account.
  2. Find a ready-to-use vr field trip lesson
    1. Click on nearpod library
    2. Search “VR” or something more specific with VR and browse the hundreds of lessons all ready to go.
    3. You can narrow your search by selecting options in the sidebar.


  1.  Create your own VR Field Trip
    1. Select Create -> lesson
    2. Click -> Add content & activities
    3. Select VR Field Trip
    4. Search for your destination and select an image you want to use
    5. You can add other nearpod activities and slides to create your own virtual tour for your students!
  2. Viewing Methods
    1. This works best if you have VR viewers and devices with the nearpod app. 
    2. Mobile devices with the Nearpod app work great as students can move the device to look around.
    3. Nearpod VR can also be used on the screen of Chromebooks and navigated with a mouse cursor.



Ready to use lessons



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