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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Securedoc walkthroughs! This is actually the first episode, but I couldn't think of another way to start this write-up, so let's forget about that and get started anyway!

Securedoc is a secure file sharing application designed to host and share privileged and confidential information with individuals or groups. To access it, visit You'll be greeted with this lovely login screen:


 securedoc home page


(Don't be put off by the "LinShare" branding — you're in the right place.) Go ahead and log in using your credentials.

Now, you'll be viewing the home screen:


home page in securedoc


If you were hoping for some sort of guide to match those big 'ol red numbers up there, you're in luck!

1) Current Uploads: Clicking here will open a very Google Drive-ish screen showing any files you may have uploaded, and a Drop your files here prompt.


current uploads page in securedoc


As it says, you can drag and drop files from your computer here, and they'll upload. You can also click on that blue plus button up there on the left, or on the Upload and Share text next to it, and both will open a file browser where you can, well, browse your files on your computer, select one or many, and upload them the old fashioned way.

2) Received Shares: You can send file links directly to other users (again, very Google-Drive-ish). Click here to see any files that people have shared with you. These links expire for security reasons, and you'll see that expiration date for each files here as well. I don't have any secure files shared with me currently, so my Received Shares screen is empty, but my mom says I'm cool, so there's that.


received shares page in securedoc


 3) My Space: A popular social media network in the early 2000s, and also a place to store secure files in securedoc. This is equivalent to My Drive in Google Drive.


my space page in securdoc


4) Shared Space: This is a place where you can host several files to a group of users — the equivalent of a Shared Drive or folder in Google Drive. 


Shared space page in securedoc

You can see all your Shared Space folders here. Create one by clicking the blue plus button on the upper left, and for each folder, the three dots menu shows options to view folder details, to add members, to rename, or to delete that folder.

5) Contacts: This page allows you to create lists of people you often share or send files to.  


guest account creation screen in securedoc


You'll only be able to add @wsd people to Contacts lists, but you can use the Guests option to give temporary access to parents and guardians, as shown above. You'll just need to provide a name, email address, and to set the expiration date of their access to any files you share with them.

7) Host Your Files: This takes you to the same page as Current Uploads.

8) Upload and Share: Clicking this brings up your file browser on your computer, and is probably the quickest way to upload a given file.

9) Upload to a Group: This takes you to the Shared Space screen.

So, to share a file securely with another user, click Upload and Share, select the file, then click on the Quick Share icon  quick share icon in securedoc .


quick share email screen in securedoc


Then, start typing the name of the person you'd like to share the file securely with. If they're not an employee of Weber School District, you'll want to create a Guest Contact for them (see item 5: Contacts above).

Thanks for reading! 



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