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Over the summer Canvas released a new update that simplifies navigation for younger students. This Homeroom view eliminates the need to create cross-course buttons. The navigation is broken down into four main categories.

canvas homeroom navigation

The student's course cards are now contained in the homeroom. Announcements and Important Dates are displayed to communicate with students. In the Schedule tab, students will see a breakdown of all the assignments and events that are available to them in every course. This makes the question "what do I need to do?" much more accessible for the student. It also includes missing tags so they know what they still need to accomplish. 

canvas schedule

The grades tab makes it easy to see an overview of the grades in each course and Resources allows teachers to post the most relevant and "important info" for their class. 

canvas important dates

Important dates are posted on the homeroom page and make it easy for students to see what is coming up without visiting the calendar. 


For the end-users, our students, this new navigation eliminates much of the many clicks it would take to get to today's assignments. On the teacher;s end, this is less to manage, since you won't have to create and manage multiple buttons that link to various locations in the course. Don't worry! You still have all the same functionality in your subject courses. To set up your Homeroom and use all of its features there are five main steps.

  1. Designate a Course as your Homeroom.
  2. Create a Homeroom Announcement.
  3. Add important dates on the Calendar and/or Assignments.
  4. Edit the important info page.
  5. Set home pages on individual subjects.

Here is a video that walks you through the 5 steps:



If you are missing the old dashboard you can change your view by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner. Select Classic View. This is a user setting and will only impact your view. Your students will continue to utilize the homeroom view.

canvas change view

For more extensive write-ups on using the Canvas For Elementary homeroom view. Visit our page loaded with tutorials on working with this new navigation.





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