October 12, 2021 - Create a Class in Remind

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Not only is Remind a great tool to use in the classroom, but it also works great for coaches and advisors! If you are over a group of students (teams, clubs, groups, etc.), here is how you can create a Remind group and enroll them for quick messaging possibilities.  Let’s do it. 


Creating a Class in Remind

To create a class, click on the “Add Class” button on the top left of the home screen, then select “Create Class.” When the pop-up appears, give it a name, make sure it’s part of your school domain, and select the button agreeing to only message people older than 13.  


add a class in remind

Populating Your New Class

When you create your own class in Remind, it won’t auto-populate like our classes do.  That means you will have to manually enroll people, and there are several ways to accomplish this.  To get started, open the new class in Remind, a blue button will appear on the top right corner that says “Add People” click there. Now, you have two options:


 You then have the option to add students, parents, or other teachers (assistant coaches/advisors) by hand.  This is time-consuming, but beneficial because you can ensure that everyone you want to be added to the class gets input.  You will need a name and an email address for each enrollee, which can be found in mystudent. Once you input all their information, you just click the “Add People” button on the bottom. 

add people manually


On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a selection of options to help people self enroll in the class.  This option is much less time-consuming for you but doesn’t guarantee enrollment. The options include projecting the instructions for enrollment, which would be beneficial to do during a team meeting or parent meeting.  Another option would be emailing out the instructions to those you want to be enrolled.  The email will include a link for them to click on that will enroll them into the course.  The whole process is pretty slick.  You can also print a PDF to hand out or send home.  All the options are simple for enrollees to complete, so just determine which meets your needs best! 

email out instructions image

Once you have your class created and populated, you’re good to start messaging, sharing files, and keeping the line of communication open to your group.  Have fun!  

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