March 16, 2021 - Design in Adobe Spark Post

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"The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design." -- Adam Judge, author 

For most teachers design is a representation of the tool that was used. As you walk the halls of your school you can see posters and flyers that were designed in Microsoft Word or Google Slides. Typically they contain some recognizable element like word art or tables to arrange text and images. Using a design tool like Spark Post gives you unlimited possibilities.

Good design attracts attention

Start with a Template

While it would be great to take a class in the principles and elements of design and spend hours fine-tuning our posters and flyers, using a template can be much quicker.   Without much training at all people can recognize good design over bad design. The first step is to pick a design that is appealing and would work for your message. Then, change the text and images.
Spark makes it easy to adjust color and theme. Check out this quick video on creating a flyer using a template and adjusting the elements. To download and share the design click on the download option in the upper right corner.


PNG and JPG work great for sharing on your website or through digital means.

PDF is excellent for printing or higher resolution uses.

Click start download to create the file.

How to Sign in to Adobe Spark

To use Spark go to and click sign in.  Select Log In with School Account. Put your email in the field and click continue. Then select Company or School Account. 

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