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Watch the video below to see how to create the image to add as a background in Jamboard.

jamboard custom background


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How to use a Jamboard in Canvas.

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In this tip, we’d like to focus on one of our favorite tools, Google Jamboard. Its simplicity is what makes it so great--a blank slate that you can apply anything to. Brainstorming, planning, designing, expressing and drawing are just some of the ways we’ve seen students use this interactive whiteboard in their learning. 

Get Jamming with Jamboard 

Custom Backgrounds in Jamboard

One of the most challenging parts of using Jamboard has been the lack of layers or more specifically lockable layers. You would add an image for students to draw, annotate, or type on and they could accidentally move or delete the image. Now you can add a custom image to the background. Making it easier for students to do all those great things mentioned above but without the fear of shifting or deleting the original image. Watch this short video on how to add a custom background. 

Using Jamboard as an assignment in Canvas is easy to create. Since Jamboard is a part of the Google Suite (Workspace) it can be shared, saved, and managed with Google Drive. In this video, you can see how to create a shareable link and how students can create images to submit back into Canvas. Also, check out Dax Sederholm and Cathy Wall sharing some insights into Jamboard at our Learn Conference last summer.

Why Drawing is important?

The examples used previously have been similar to a worksheet that may be used in class. However, research shows that drawing has a much higher retention rate. Have students draw processes, data visualizations, meanings, or just express what they learned. One teacher had her students play Pictionary with the vocab words of the week. She would randomly assign a few words to each student to draw. Then she would show the pictures and students would guess which word it represented. As expected, the students retained much more of the vocabulary words, and they enjoyed the process.

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