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Ryan James

Monday, 04 January 2021 21:47

January 5th 2021


It’s a new year and that means new traditions. In order to share more info with each of you, we will be sending a tech tip every Tuesday. We wanted a unique name so we called it Tech Tip Tuesday! This will be a fountain of knowledge for you to indulge in every week. 


Semester Transition 


Move your content

With the new semester looming, you’re probably getting anxious to start setting up your new semester course. The courses are created and can be found by going to your courses tab in Canvas. Don’t forget to publish the courses for your students before the first day of 2nd Semester. 

Here’s a quick video to demonstrate how to migrate your content from 1st Semester’s course to 2nd Semester. This transition is a great time to assess what is working in your courses and remove extra or unused materials.  Using the ‘Import Existing Content’ button will allow you to add all content or select specific content to move over. 

EdTech Coaches

Each school has one or more EdTech Coaches. As you have questions about technology in your classroom it’s important to rely on their expertise to help you. EdTech Coaches are trained on new technologies and have access to a network of Coaches throughout the district. A listing of all EdTech Coaches can be found here. A user support specialist or Tech at your school can help you get the technology up and running. If you are having technical trouble such as connectivity issues, power, or basic functionality, you will turn to your Tech (USSP). If it’s how I teach or use this tool in my instruction you will want to turn to your EdTech Coach. 


Student View in Canvas

A recent update in  Canvas has removed the Student View button from the Home Page. Fear not, you can still use Student View. It’s now contained at the top of every content page. Just look for the neat-looking eyeglasses icon. This will put you into Student View. You can still find the regular link on the course settings page. We encourage you to use Student View every time you publish new content to make sure it’s showing up the way you want students to see it.



Canvas Help Desk

We are excited to announce a new, Live Help option for teachers, students, and parents. It is available from 12pm - 8pm on Weekdays. You can contact the help desk by emailing or calling (801) 476-7999. A friendly support staff will be on the other end to help answer your questions. Please utilize and share this information with those who may need it. 

Important Dates in Canvas

Saturday, Jan 16th

  • Canvas syncing ends for all first-semester courses and grading periods. This includes enrollments and assignments/score syncing to MyStudent. 
    • What does this mean to me? Any makeup scores entered into Canvas for first-semester assignments will have to be manually entered into MyStudent from this point forward.
  • All second-quarter MyStudent gradebook assignment columns unlocked. 
    • What does this mean to me? Teachers will now be able to enter makeup scores for second-quarter assignments manually in MyStudent gradebooks regardless of whether the assignment was previously synced from Canvas (and therefore locked) or not. 

Monday, Jan 18th

  • Martin Luthur King, Jr. Day (no school)
  • Students enrolled in second semester courses.
Tuesday, 28 April 2020 20:24

Google Meet Multiple Conference Setup

Alan demonstrates how to create multiple instances of Google Meet in Google Calendar. Excellent for setting up multiple meetings for smaller groups.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020 15:01

Infinite Cloner in Google Slides

Sabrina demonstrates how to create an infinite cloner for use in Google Slides. Allows for easy drag and drop activities for students.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020 16:33

Hangouts Meet Setup

Monday, 16 March 2020 14:14

Screen Casting and Lecture Capture

Looking for a great way to record some quick messages and lessons for your students. There are a few options available.

WeVideo is an excellent choice for recording. First teachers will need to set up an account. Go here and follow the directions.

WeVideo is an excellent cloud-based video editor that can also be used to record your screen and webcam. One of its greatest advantages is that it records on a Chromebook. It doesn't record system audio or sound from your device.



Another option is OBS. The Open Broadcaster Software is an excellent way to record your screen with some advance audio options. It does need to be installed on Windows, Macs, or Linux. OBS does record system audio from your computer.


With many extra features including an audio mixer, there's little you can record. Once recorded you can then import the recording into your favorite video editor.

obs audio mixer

Another option is Screencastify. It's a great browser-based recording tool that works on Chromebooks but has limited editing capabilities.



Posting your finished video on YouTube is a great option.

Friday, 13 March 2020 16:32

WeVideo Information

WeVideo is a powerful, cloud-based video editing tool that will boost your creativity and engage your students. Work on projects on the go on your Chromebook. 


Follow the links to set up accounts:




Tutorials and Training

How to do a screen/webcam recording

Working with Projects


For more training go to the WeVideo Academy



Friday, 15 November 2019 22:06

WeVideo Accounts for Students

WeVideo is a powerful, cloud-based video editing tool that will boost your creativity and engage your students. Work on projects on the go on your Chromebook. 

Click the logo below to join WeVideo

wv logo transparent

You will then click on the JOIN WITH A NEW ACCOUNT.

Join with a new account

Next, click on the sign up with Google.

WeVideo Google Sign up

Now if you are signed in to Google on your browser it will verify your account and ask for permissions. If not, you will log in here.


Click through the account and welcome screens.

After logging in you should see your Dashboard that looks similar to this:

WeVideo Dashboard

If you see anything that says "Free account" or you need to enter a code. Please let your teacher know.



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