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Google Classroom


Your First Day of Google Classroom

WSD Training: Google Classroom 


Canvas 101: A Quick-Start Guide

WSD Training: Canvas

 Office Hours:
Virtual Classrooms & Conferencing

Google Hangouts and Canvas
Conferences allow teachers to 
virtually collaborate with and
suppliment instruction for students
remotely. Establishing
Virtual Office hours ensures
that your students know you'll
be available to support their learning
on those times and days. Both
Hangouts and Conferences are
great tools for this; check out how
to use them in the links below! 

Google Docs

Your First Day of Google Docs

WSD Training: Google Docs

Canvas Assignments

How Do I Create an Assignment in Canvas?

WSD Training: Canvas Assignments

Google Slides

Your First Day of Google Slides

WSD Training: Google Slides

 Canvas Quizzes

How Do I Create a Quiz in Canvas?

WSD Training: Canvas Quizzes

Canvas Conferences

How Do I Create
a Canvas Conference?

Google Forms 

Your First Day of Google Forms

WSD Training: Google Forms

Canvas Commons

How do I Find and Use Ready-to-Use
Courses and Content in Canvas Commons?

Google Hangouts

Hangouts Meet Cheat Sheet

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