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It’s a new semester! For some, it’s the start of a new course and for most, it’s a halfway point. In both situations, it’s a great time to try some new changes and expand your EdTech ability.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your EdTech coach in your building with any questions.

Second Semester Begins 

The New Rich Content Editor (RCE)

A rich content editor allows you to create content without writing directly in HTML and to add multiple types of media. Over the weekend, Canvas made their “New RCE” the default RCE. While all the same features and abilities still exist, the overall look is simplified. 

Here’s a quick video from ISM Blake Pope demonstrating how to use the New RCE. If you’d like a bit more information you can also watch this video. So fire up your creative juices and start adding content to all your pages, announcements, assignments, and anywhere else Canvas allows you to make your mark using the New RCE. If you’d like even more information you can read Canvas’ nifty write-up on using the tool as well.

Chrome Music Lab

Looking for a great activity to engage students while discussing musical elements such as tone, tempo, or voice? Interested in a new way to teach fractions using the timing of notes? Want to discuss the science of sound using waves, frequencies, and energy? Or compare music to the written word? There’s so much to be discovered with music. Google has a bunch of tools (they call them Experiments) that can be used to create and learn about music. These tools are simple and easy to pick up and can be used by all ages. Check them out and see where you might be able to add them in your instruction. For some great ideas on how to implement them in your classroom check out this blog post.

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