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It’s the end of the school year and school librarians are gathering books and preparing for the end of the year.  That doesn’t mean that students need to stop reading!  Independent reading is critical to student learning and students thrive when they have access to and can read engaging books.  This Tech Tip Tuesday is all about using SORA (the WSD ebook platform), engaging students with great books, and promoting learning in the summertime!  

Using SORA


You can access SORA (on any digital device) using these simple instructions:

  1. Go to soraapp.com or install the SORA app from wherever you download apps
  2. Find your school or enter the setup code WEBERUT
  3. Browse the Explore option to find books available for checkout
  4. Check out books by clicking on the cover and then clicking Borrow
  5. Manage your books using the Shelf option


Watch this short video with your students for more in-depth instruction:

Promotional Videos

Here are some videos that promote engaging titles found on SORA.

Books for Elementary Video


Books for Secondary Video

Free Summer Reading for All Students

May 5-August 20, 2021



Every summer SORA offers free and simultaneous checkouts of their summer collections. You don’t need to do a thing!  The titles are already loaded on SORA and all students have simultaneous access.  Take a look at the new books all of our students will be able to read this summer.  

Some Titles for Elementary Students:


Some Titles for Secondary Students:


Visit this link to see more books featured in the Sweet Reads Summer Reading.

Navigating SORA


Here’s a quick video that demonstrates some advanced navigation.  

New and Upcoming Features

SORA is expanding and the WSD usage is expanding too.  At our LEARN conference in August, sessions will feature SORA use and how it can transform the classroom reading experience.  Be on the lookout for the LEARN sessions that feature new SORA information. 


  • Classroom Sets of SORA Novels:  Students can have access to classroom sets of books for as low as $1 per student copy.
  • School-wide Control of Specific Titles:  If you like specific titles of books at your school, your librarian can add those titles to your school SORA account.
  • New Titles:  Hundreds of new titles will be available next fall
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